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Artificial Intelligence Services


  • Automate Repetitive Business Tasks
  • Develop intelligent features to your product
  • Improve security
  • Perform quality Assurance
  • Make smarter business process
  • Predict business trends
  • Analyze lots of Data
  • Avoid manual labor

What Service Can I Get ?

AI Strategy & Consulting

With our proven AI products at production , we use our experience and top-skilled resources to help your business understand and solve problems.

AI Product Development

We develop complete end-to-end solution to transform your business with Industry best AI

AI Customization

We do Full customisation for your use case,by building AI solutions that cater to your business problems and automate the process.

AI Implementation

We Optimize your process by implementing AI solutions at each and every level.

AI Integration

We Integrate AI solutions with your existing product/service to support the business process

Tech Support

We provide reliable support services with the 24/7 availability of our AI experts to make sure that these AI applications are always on the top.


86% of CEOs report that AI is considered mainstream technology in their office as of 2021.

91.5% of leading businesses invest in AI on an ongoing basis.

Gartner also tells us that customer satisfaction is expected to grow by 25% by 2023 in organizations that use AI.

Forbes reports that 50% of enterprises plan to spend more on AI and machine learning in 2021 and 20% report significant increases to their budgets.

Do you find these obstacles while Adopting AI ?

  • Lack of skilled individuals and hiring shortages.
  • Unclear ROI metrics.
  • Complexity of AI systems.
  • Lack of governance.

Use our expertise in

Computer Vision

Making computers see and derive insights from images or videos.

Natural Language Processing

Making human languages and voice understandable to computers

Decision Management and Data Analytics

Why Choose Us?

A complete full stack team with diverse skill sets. We cover all aspects of the software development cycle, including business analysis, software architecture, design, development, testing, and project management. Our team comprises more than half of the senior engineers with cumulative 20+ years of experience in software development. 

We believe no challenge is big, and no information is small. Therefore, a vision of focusing on the big picture makes us detail-oriented—the information-gathering process based on the information provided by the customer. A thorough analysis of the information is better for outstanding results. A professional, efficient and effective solution is applied based on your information.

Our service are just not limited to “Mobile App Development” but we also provide other services like Enterprise Software Development, UI/UX Design, Web App Development and more.

Nyx Team
Mobile App Development ​

What Do We Do?

Our team will handle your entire software development lifecycle process, from initial design to development and deployment. As a leader in Flutter, Android and iOS application development, our developers will transform your digital product and ensure it has the tools to succeed beyond your initial project release.

We create cross-platform scalable applications using flutter for rapid agile development processes. Taking advantage of robust & well-architected APIs we build a powerful app. Most enterprise apps, especially those that require a lot of API traffic, are deployed with load balancing architecture.

If you decide to build one application at a time, you’ll probably want to start with Android – one reason independent app developers often focus on Android. You will be lucky enough to develop a complete application as MVP on Android and then convert and improve it to iOS after release.

We always encourage and push our customers to choose Flutter for development due to the flexibility, speed and robustness of the framework. We have deployed and scaled more than 15+ Flutter applications in production.

Frequently Asked Questions

AI can understand and analyze a lot of data and take actions as necessary. It is capable of finding errors and automating processes which a human cannot by himself.

AI like any other technology will assist you to make decisions and save your time.

AI is used to get analytics data , perform quality assurance , improve security.

AI is a continuous development process , the more data it gets over time the better it becomes.

Yes, all our services are GDPR compliant and your data and services are in safe-hands.

AI enhances cybersecurity by assisting digital transformations and services.

AI is an umbrella of activities which involves machine learning ( your data is processed using mathematical formulae) and deep learning ( your data is understood by neural networks by mimicking human brain structure).

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