How to build websites and mobile apps without coding


        Gone are the days when only developers were able to build websites and mobile apps. Most people desire to create beautiful designs but lack coding knowledge. But now anyone can build them without having to write a single line of code. Software technologies have evolved at a rapid pace to provide sophisticated tools to help even non-coders build websites and apps, fast and easy. Here are six such programming tools to build your own websites and apps.



Bubble allows you to build web and mobile applications through its visual programming platform without any code. The simple drag and drop interface allows you to customize websites to your requirement. Bubble also integrates popular services like MailChimp and Mixpanel. Bubble is an obsolete tool to build seamless apps in simple steps.



Create innovative and responsive WordPress sites on Cloudpress without any coding in just a couple of minutes. Select from a variety of predefined designs and customize to your needs. The theme builder interface is based on a fluid grid layout that ensures the aesthetics of the page on any screen.



BuildFire lets you build dynamic and interactive apps in a simple click-and-edit platform. Its smart push and selective push notification technologies ensure a reach of 90% of your customers. Design and build elegant, powerful, and flexible apps to suit your business needs.


Tilda Publishing

With interface as easy as playing games, Tilda is one of the premium website building platforms. Contemporary pre-designed blocks and easy accessible block libraries let you customize your website without any coding. Build and optimize your websites by integrating it to google analytics and place your website on top of all search engines.



Webflow CMS

Build professional-grade websites from a bunch of pre-existing templates. Design hundreds of websites with simple User experience and easy design navigation. Webflow is an incredible CMS tool to customize your content-centric websites. You can integrate your sites with an existing CMS or mobile app with just a single click.



Create stunning and user-friendly apps using Appypie’s simple drag and drop interface. With unique templates to choose from and all-in-one integration tools to connect websites and apps, Appypie gives an excellent customer experience. Appypie lets you publish apps on Appstore and play store without much hassle.


Whether you are an enthusiast who loves building apps or a startup that wants to build amazing websites at a low cost, these visual programming tools deliver you the best quality designs.


Happy building!