Hospitality Service


Srivalli Ecostays offers a unique hospitality experience, allowing guests to connect with nature in picturesque, serene locations away from city life. However, the Ecostay faced challenges in digital booking and brand presence, which hindered their ability to attract and manage guests efficiently.


Key Requirements

The goal was to create a web application that would:

  • Enable easy booking of eco stays.
  • Display all amenities and plans clearly.
  • Establish a strong digital brand presence.
  • Facilitate online payments for seamless customer conversions.

Our Solution

Booking Web Application: We developed a user-friendly web application to handle cottage bookings at Srivalli Ecostays.

Showcase and Tours: The website showcases the natural beauty of the stays and offers a tour booking facility for nearby attractions.

Admin Dashboard: An admin dashboard was created for efficient tracking and management of bookings by the administrative team.

E-commerce Module: We built an e-commerce module allowing customers to purchase organic products online, which can be collected during their stay.

Design Process

Our project involved collaboration between UI and UX designers to create an innovative and user-friendly solution. The business and growth team remained in constant communication with the design team, providing valuable insights to ensure the web application met all of Srivalli Ecostays’ needs. The result was a visually appealing, easy-to-navigate website that effectively highlighted the unique offerings of Srivalli Ecostays.

To drive home the benefits of organic lifestyle literally

Current Status

The new web portal for Srivalli Ecostays is fully operational, offering seamless booking experiences, showcasing amenities, and facilitating additional services like tour bookings and product sales. The digital platform has significantly enhanced their online presence and operational efficiency.

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