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Arusuvai Arasu is a group which has had its presence in Chennai for the past 60 years. They offer door to door service. They approached Nyx Wolves as they wanted an online presence of their traditional business and sell their plans as a subscription (Food as a Subscription) online which helps them in keeping track of all the details and data in the computerised way and helps saving time on calls as they can refer the customers to check the website for all the details about the plans they offer.



The goal was to create a web application which allows the customers to subscribe for the food plans and packages with dynamic slot booking (calendar) that allows them to pick when they want the food. Parallely, allowing the management team to track and deliver the orders everyday.

Nyx Wolves-Solution


Nyx Wolves provided Homely Fresh Food with a web application which let’s the users register, subscribe and pay in a few easy clicks. The visual calendar picker helps the user to choose the slots he wants the food for. Automatic email and mobile notifications were configured to notify users about the delivery schedules. We created an admin dashboard which helped the firm to view all the plans which are sold and the details regarding delivery of food products. The subscription schedule will come in the admin dashboard along with the logistics module of the drivers. The admin can view analytics, alter plans, view customer details, subscription details and assign drivers to each order depending on the region.

Current Status

Current Status

The web application was successfully providing more than 1000+ orders in 1 city. Currently, due to COVID restrictions, the kitchen is under maintenance and they have paused operations.


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