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For me, life is not about just chasing the pack who is running behind success. Success comes to those who do not run behind it. Rather you must become so good at whatever you do that success will run behind you. My success journey could begin by pursuing Masters of Science in Computer Science from < XYZ UNIVERSITY > as I feel this is what I really want to do in life.

Ever since my childhood, I have been a person who wanted to learn something new every day. There have been instances when I was forced out of my comfort zone and I did considerably well. For those reading this SOP, it is just a glimpse of the kind of person I am and what all I can achieve.

I pursued my Grade 10 from Montessori High School, Alampur under the SSC board. It was a rather competitive year for me and I really had to give it my all-in order to secure good grades. My hard work paid off at the end of the day and I ended up securing 86 percent overall which was quite a good score. My parents were happy and proud. I knew that I can do something huge in life. I was at last proud of my performance. I didn’t stop there. I studied very hard for my 12th Grade which I pursued from Sri Chaitanya Junior Kalasala, Miyapur. After a yearlong struggle and sleepless nights, I scored 79% which again was a decent score considering how tough my course was. It was not just my academics which were part of my life back then, I took part in various activities during my Pre-University days as well and I am proud to say that they laid down the foundation for me to develop into the person I am today. I really believe that students must have a balance between academics and co-curricular activities to really develop as an overall individual.

12th Grade was done and I knew that the next step of my life was going to be very crucial for me. I had to narrow down my interest channels for me to choose what I wanted to study as a part of my undergraduate course. I came to realize that Electronics was my strong point and this is evident by the fact that I was always fascinated by it since my childhood. I researched more about the field and I came to a strong decision that Electronics and Communications is going to be the field of study for me. There were no second thoughts about it. I am also grateful to my parents who supported me in coming to this decision.

After much preparation and after writing a host of entrance exams, I managed to bag a seat in Stanley College of Engineering and Technology for Women, Abids, which is one of the most reputed engineering colleges in the city I hail from. I was absolutely enthralled when I got my admission letter, and I knew this would be the opportunity I have been waiting for. College started off well and I managed to make good connections since day one itself. I was a very excited student and this was reflected in my studies as well. I was eager to learn everything and hence I started off with the basics. This helped me get through the college tests, assignments, exams, etc. with relative ease. I was very enthusiastic about strengthening my technical skills and my knowledge of various computer software available in the industry today.

I took part in various workshops during my 4 years at college. Some of the topics which these workshops covered were Advanced Digital Hardware Design Using Veriloh HDL, Advanced Robotics, etc. to name a few. I truly learned a lot from them and I was ever grateful for my college for giving me the opportunity to participate in such events.

I also did a few projects to prove how good my technical skills were. I did a mini project on the topic “RF Based Tele-Cardiology Systems for Health Care" which took me at least 8 weeks to complete. I, along with my teammates was applauded for our work and I was again pleased with the overall achievement of the entire team. My final year project was very successful as well. I did a project titled "Design of Fast Vedic Multiplier with Fault Diagnostic Capabilities" which took round about 3 months to complete. Believe me, when I say this, I gave it my all and the at the end of the project, I was proud of what I had done. Engineering isn't an easy course and especially in a country like India where everyone is very competitive. You either succeed or fail. I chose to succeed and my four years as an engineering student shaped me into a very mature and sensible person at the end of four years of study.

My journey so far has always been about learning and I would like that to continue forth. I read about many colleges over the internet which offer Masters of Science in Computer Science and amongst all those, it was < XYZ UNIVERSITY > which truly caught my attention. I know this is the perfect set up for me to master my already existing technical skillsets and up my level.

I am interested in pursuing Masters of Science in Computer Science at your esteemed institution as I feel it is properly aligned with what I have already studied and with what I want to pursue further as part of my masters.

I look forward to your consideration and I really appreciate that you took time to read this.


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