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The advent and advancement of technology have truly shrunken the world into a global village. The educational domain has benefitted in multitudinous ways with technological tools. One such quintessential tool is online classes that enable distance learning. The far-reaching aids of online classes have proved profitable for students aspiring to clear examinations such as NATA. In comparison to the classroom courses, the online teaching framework provides you with a pool of benefits suitable for your convenience and exam preparation.

Online classes at DQ labs offer you the following gains for your NATA preparations:

• Save Time, Money, Efforts: With our online coaching classes, you have the advantage of saving time spent on the commute. You can include this time in your study schedule or engage in leisure activities to rest your mind and body. In addition to that, your wallet also benefits with online classes. You can avoid all the expenses of traveling. Online classes, in turn, also save you the fatigue of traveling from place to place.

• Convenience: Instead of sticking to a fixed time duration and slot for classroom courses, you can study from online courses at any time that suits you. All the study material, books, assignments, and tests are available for your use at your convenience. Webinars at DQ Labs are arranged at set time slots. It gives you the ease of studying at your own pace and make decisions about your preparations on your own.

• Updated Material: Online classes offer you the latest material for studies. All the assignments, practice tests, and mock tests are updated regularly.

• Expert Faculty: Another major advantage of online classes is that the students are taught by the same faculty as that of the classroom courses. Therefore, you can study conveniently on your couch or bed with our expert tutors on the web. Attending the webinars is a simple process – you will get a link that gives you access to the webinar. You will only need a PC, a headset, and a good internet connection.

DQ Labs offer you a one-stop online platform for a successful preparation for NATA. The online course has been prepared to last a length of 3 to 12 months. With the help of the experienced faculty at DQ Labs, students will assuredly hone their skills and knowledge to appear in NATA. The course will also help you cultivate Aesthetic Sensitivity which forms an important part of the exam. It is nurtured through assignments and practice tests.

The package for the online classes comprises of the following sets of preparation material:

1. Package A is complete online material
2. Package B contain study books for a 30-day prep schedule
3. Package C offers you a sketch development course
4. Package D includes classes on Aesthetic Sensitivity Theory
5. Package E is a collection of exercises covering all the topics
6. The course also includes advanced exercises in addition to Package E. these exercises are set according to a range of difficulty levels for all the topics.
7. There are over 15 full-length mock tests included in the course.

Package A

The first package in the online classes’ curriculum includes all the online study material. It has 25 previous years’ question papers of NATA as well as IIT JEE. It also comprises of a question bank with over 2500 questions with answers and solutions. Furthermore, it offers over 1500 images of buildings, monuments, and architects. There are 3000+ sketches with corrections and detailed feedback comments with answers for previous 4 years’ drawing questions. There are materials for 2D, 3D orthographic projections, elevation, and plan.

This package also helps you with mental ability questions on patterns, odd one out, paper folding, and development of surfaces. 3D objects visualization, verbal reasoning and analogies, relationships, cause and effect, antonyms, synonyms, frequency hit list, and subjective and objective mathematics are some of the other topics that the package covers. It also gives you a list of basic formulae. This is a complete online package that allows you to practise as much as you like. You also get the facility to get your answers checked, obtain feedbacks, and check on your improvements.

Package B

This package offers you a 30-day preparation schedule with books pertaining to different topics. There are a total of 8 topics in addition to guidance from an architect and evaluation of 3 mock tests. The eight sections included in this package are as follows:

1. Theme sketching
2. 2D composition + 3D composition
3. Freehand drawing
4. Colouring
5. Aesthetic sensitivity and Aptitude development
6. Architectural Awareness
7. English Vocabulary
8. Mathematics

All these sections include sub-topics that have been chosen according to the NATA syllabus.

Package C

This is a sketch development course. The course provides you with assignments on 2D Composition, 3D Composition, and Theme Sketches. You have to draw according to the assignment questions and send the scanned images of the drawings to the given mail id. You will get an evaluated feedback on the drawings alongside guidance for improvement. DQ Labs has a team of experienced instructors that offer you their insights and feedbacks on your assignments. They will not only inform you of your shortcomings but also help you overcome them.

Package D

This package is a special course on Aesthetic Sensitivity. There are theoretical lessons on various topics in this set of study material. Like Package B, this set also has five different sections enlisted below:

1. Aesthetic Sensitivity and Aptitude Development
2. Architectural Awareness
3. English Vocabulary
4. Mathematics
5. Test Bank

This package has the same pattern as Package B. All these sections contain sub-topics according to the NATA syllabus.

The online classes at DQ Labs require a maximum of 30 minutes every day to complete the NATA preparation in 12 months. Unlike other online courses, this is a comprehensive and all-encompassing approach to NATA preparation wherein you get all the feedback and improvement guidance. From basic concepts to difficult topics, the classes at DQ Labs offer you everything in an easy process with resources to test your aptitude and improvement. Prepare for your dream architecture college with confidence and convenience at DQ Labs’ online classes.


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