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Why Choose Nyx Wolves For Enterprise Software Development

Our aggressive wolves have joined forces to get large enterprises covered for all your development needs. We help you with the right enterprise software development to improve the productivity of your business through performing elementary functions, for example, order processing, accounting, and client relationship management.

Our software development team is experienced and skilled at creating the right software to fit your company’s precise requirements. We serve all large enterprise industries like manufacturing, retail, FMCG, and more.

We understand that communication is key for designing complex software, which is why our enthusiastic team members would always take the time to get to know you as well as your company’s requirements before planning your company’s new enterprise software. The software development team is moreover experienced in AWS Cloud Solution, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things (IoT), WebAR Solutions and Real-Time Solutions

What do we offer in Enterprise Software Development?

Custom Solution Development

We have been developing custom enterprise software for years.
Custom services are great as they permit you to get an exclusive product personalized to your particular business requirements.
As a result, you can accomplish your goals as fast as possible at rational costs without spending enormous budgets on redundant functionality of ready-made solutions from standard enterprise software vendors.

Legacy Application Upgrading

We have experts that focus on your business requirements and develop new effective solutions to update your legacy systems.
You would benefit from augmented flexibility and security.
We conduct an audit and decide how effective current applications are.
We have widespread experience in the changeover from legacy solutions to microservices, otherwise, cloud solutions, which will moreover help in your business development.

Systems Integration Services

We are specialized in providing software integration services as well.
Mainly, we offer integration of personalized and ready-made APIs plus software solutions, covering ERP integration, customer relationship management (CRM), as well as enterprise content management (ECM) systems.
With our approach to generating service-oriented software architecture, your business will gain added configuration flexibility and capability to create new features.

Digital Transformation

We are skilled as per the latest technology trends, for example, cloud computing, computer vision, artificial intelligence, and AR.
Thanks to this, you could get the software product that would comply with the up-to-date market and client demands, and ever-changing needs of your business industry.
We always take care of the security of corporate data, confirming full compliance with global security policies.

What We Offer

We are an experienced enterprise software development company that offers a wide range of software development services. Some of the enterprise solutions we can offer include:

  • Large Scale Platform Development
  • SaaS Product Development
  • ERP System Development
  • Computer Vision Applications
  • Smart Automation Systems
  • Analytical Dashboard Development
  • Digital Tool Development
  • AR/VR System Integration
  • WebAR Development
  • AI Consulting
  • Roku App Development
  • Android TV App Development

Nyx Wolves not only offer Enterprise Software Development, but also provides services like Product Design and Development, UI/UX DesignWeb App Development and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The software/applications intend to meet the needs of an organization that exists and provides a system to support businesses with their strategic and operational initiatives for the whole organization rather than focusing on a single user.

AI solutions aid to enable technical systems to identify, deal and solve problems creatively by reasoning, learning, and planning in their environment to achieve specific goals. It is used for deep learning and natural language processing to learn from experience to execute human-like tasks.

AI solutions to any business can be implemented through automating the business procedures, gaining insight through data analysis, and engaging with customers and employees to scale the standards for improving the business resources and reducing the risk of failure in the projects.

Enterprise Software is developed for organizations to implement a range of activities that satisfy the need for one-in-all software to have a specific software across the entire organization, used by different levels of employees defining their roles of work and to manage their inputs to the organization. This software is different from any regular software because it does not satisfy a single user need but for the entire organization.

Enterprise Software is accessible and is used for various range of activities, to process across different departments of the organization including ERP, CRM, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources Software, and many others as per the need of the organization.

It is a complete set of tools and software for AI development for solutions through their analyzed data allowing machine learning to learn from the data processed and produce insights on the outcome or sometimes aid in decision making for the organization.

Web augmented Reality is a digital technology that slows to easily share the augmented reality experience through the web/internet for various businesses and organizations for their specific need for the activity.

The best-augmented reality platforms are Vuforia, Wikitude, ARKit, ARCore, MaxST, EasyAR, Kudan, and ARToolKit.

The difference between VR and AR depends on the device they need and the experience itself, AR uses real-world settings while VR is completely virtual. AR users can control their presence in the real world whereas VR users driven by the VR system require a headset, but the AR accessible with the AR smartphone enhances both virtual and real worlds while VR only augments fictional reality

Augmented reality (AR) is an experience in which designers enhance parts of a user's physical world with computer-generated input. It uses existing reality and physical objects to enable real-time, computer-generated enhancements. Technically, AR is a technology that places computer-generated images on the user's perspective of the real world. These images are usually in the form of 3D models, videos, and information.

IoT (Internet of Things) software is a technology that enables control of data collection and communication on a connected device so that it can provide real-time data that computers and applications can convert and present in the form of information. It is integrated with sensors, processing capabilities, software, and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet or other communication networks.

The best software for IoT is IRI Voracity, Particle, ThingWorx, and IBM Watson IoT.

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