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Models Of Operation

We work over the early phases of a project with our clients. We give a headstart with brainstorming concepts to shape a vision, helping our clients with mockups, demonstrations, and presentations to express their ideas.

When they are prepared to make that vision a realism, we work out the details – drawing and redrawing concepts into real software interfaces. We produce every element of the graphical interface, or we team up with external design groups to bring distinct elements together to tell a single story. 

Working with different sizes of businesses means working in different ways. As a wolf pack, we are very flexible and allow collaborative development and bring what’s best for each customer.

Some of the below are our operational methods which can be any of the following forms/models

  1. Project Based
  2. Contract Staffing
  3. T&M
  4. Hourly/Weekly/Monthly Billing
  5. Modular Support

We bend as the work demands and we bend to success. 

models of operation
What do we offer in Models of Operation?
Models of operation - software development

Team Augmentation

For any successful project, having the right-sized team is necessary. As they enter new stages of development, sometimes it becomes essential to add new members who are just accurate for the job. Our IT staffing services are known for delivering the speed, professional insight, and flexibility that your team requires scaling rapidly and completing the development on time.
Our contract team functions as part of your local team. They attend your regular meetings and report straight to your managers. Provide a real competitive benefit for your business. Our IT staffing services are obtainable for every kind of project. No matter how simple or complex, from prototyping to full-scale development of mobile, desktop, or web applications, testing, and systems management, we can give support.
Our extended team services are a reliable, proven, and cost-effective means for our customers to increase the size and efficiency of their internal development squads with minimal time. Our dedicated software engineers are the greatest option to assemble up a conveniently positioned, creative, highly qualified, and a skilled team composed of the Top 1% Tech Professionals who incorporate your present workflow.

Product Development

We are a top software product development company that has delivered innovative software products. We work with businesses, corporates, and brands to collect their necessities, study their competitors and industry, conceptualize and organize the complete software product development roadmap to manage risk, decrease cost while providing a top-quality product. Not only do we bring topmost industry talents and tech resources to match your necessities, but also an industry-specific solution with a commitment towards business skill and integrity.
So, for your successive software product development, whether you need a dedicated team, software product engineering, product consulting, MVP launch, rapid time to market, otherwise product maintenance plus update, we are here to help you out.
We are proud of being among the best software product development businesses.
This was only possible because of our best-in-class product development team.
We can drive you through technical and functional viability to authenticate software product development.
During our journey, we helped many organizations to raise funds and scale successfully. We moreover built and launched our own successful products. Our strategic approach also involves setting up a team at the end of launch for continual growth based on the customer’s demands.

models of operation
models of operation

Extended Team & Integration Partners

Extended teams for software development procedures are for steadily delivering quality services. This is how they become a smooth extension of the client. It has been possible for our clients to achieve a clear competitive benefit outside the classic cost efficiency through our extended team models. We behave as their system integrators and help deploy their solutions with customizations to many many customers. Often, extended teams have a precisely determined purpose and must develop precise skills in a fixed time frame.
Our wolves are sharp and grasp fast! In our software company, we know how to accumulate flexible and effective extended teams. We have an extensive choice of engineers with skills in the latest technologies across all popular platforms. Our experts are equipped with professional communication skills, thus they do not have any communication problems while functioning with remote teams. Also, our extended team of developers always get support from their co-wolves working on other projects. A friendly atmosphere enables fast problem-solving.
We also take into consideration that extended teams must follow over certain evolutionary phases:

⚪ Generating the roadmap (assign project manager, set the customer-driven guidelines, establish escalation chain, risk mitigation policy, etc);
⚪ Construct the extended team (build as per client specification with customer participation, recruit and keep, brand as customer’s own and tie team’s fortune to customer fortune);
⚪ Help the extended team to provide (leverage experience plus mature processes, improve communication processes, train and perform audits)
⚪ Maturing the team and expanding further.
⚪ We build and train teams to build our customers' reach across the globe!

Frequently asked questions

It increases business profitability and reduces the overhead costs associated with maintaining full-time staff by sourcing the right fit for the project and responding to the business objectives.

Core team members often have a full-time role in the business, whereas the extended team is involved part-time or as needed.

It is an alternative to outsourcing, extended team aids, and fills the skill gap in the main team by working coordinately to achieve the project objective and increase the overall potential.

The employees are recruited for their skills over a short period in specific terms and conditions of their employment contract.

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