Vara Vasthu

Vara Vasthu was established online as a ladies’ handbag brand in India. It was an effort made at simplifying the relationship between a handbag and the wearer.

Handbags are a world in themselves to a woman. Inside it, lie their precious trappings. An emblem of luxury and class, handbags have emerged to be the most sought after accessory, reflecting the style and personality of the wearer. Vara Vasthu shares a similar set of goals with their customers and brings you a wide range of cotton handbags at affordable prices.


- Branding Identity

- Ecommerce Website

- Ecommerce Mobile Platform

- Product Updates and Support

Vara Vasthu handbags are crafted in cotton and designed for use on a day to day basis.

An idea provoked by the sense of a lady’s needs, Vara Vasthu was finally given its wings with the assistance of NYX Wolves, the developer of the website.

Made with A Personal Touch