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Nyx Wolves provides a range of digital product design, software & app development services adaptable for you.

Why Nyx Wolves?

We are a software & app development company focusing on taking your vision from concept to launch. We work with solo-founders to Fortune 500 companies to deliver quality and value through technology.

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    Our Values

    Why should you work with us?


    High Proficiency

    Our pack of wolves have many years of know-how delivering more than 100+ products and supporting the launch of many startups that have successfully raised funds!


    Premium Engineering

    Nyx Wolves are absorbed with the understanding of extraordinary engineering. We are always utilizing the latest technology approaches & standards to build an elite product.


    Quality Centric Approach

    Nyx Wolves take up a test-driven development (TDD) approach that focuses on high-quality output through the development process. We follow best practices for supreme code quality.


    Bedazzling Process

    We had trodden the path so many times that we have all the risks, requirements figured out. The standard - ideate, plan, design, develop, test, deploy process will be much more enhanced!


    Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

    A big howling thanks for a howling amout of work! Love the attitude. Thanks Sidhdharth & Gautam and you pack of Wolves, there is more to come!
    Briisk, South Africa
    Our overall experience with Nyx Wolves was beyond satisfactory. We needed a web app for our company, HuMetis Technologies, to be created with all our specific must-haves. The team coordinated with us throughout the way. They pointed out things that can be improved and other tech stack that can be used to make our app better. Truly outstanding!
    HuMetis Technologies, USA
    Fast, reliable, skilled and a nice team to work with. They made a Web Application for us. Really fast response to questions and always willing to help. I definitely recommend Nyx Wolves.
    Hamid Rezaie
    Head of Marketing, Alpha Ventilatie, Netherlands
    Nyx Wolves provides services to my business which is based in Sydney Australia. I have met many other hopeless developers before contacting Nyx Wolves. I am very much impressed with their work, skill set & mainly they communicate back promptly & also reasonable regards the fee for their services. I already recommended them to a few of my friends & will keep doing. Highly recommend it!
    Sudhakar Nemmatha
    Founder, Dreamchoice Realty, Australia
    Nyx did the work well, on time and within budget. I had asked for some creative vision, and although it took some care in explaining it, they worked really hard to get the work done on time. It was really a massive amount of work, but they ploughed into it to meet our 3 day turnaround time requirements. Excellent work! Thanks to Sid there and his careful communications as he led the team there at Nyx !
    Upstate Enterprise
    Founder, Upstate Enterprise, USA
    Nyx Wolves has an amazing team and it is a joy to work with them. They have been doing some really good graphic designing work for me. They are quick to respond and very patient. Highly Recommended.
    Meghna Pandya
    CEO, Maghna Pandya, Tanzania
    Our Clients

    Our pack has shared the journey with these amazing brands and helped them build technologies and design. Here are our earned diamonds in our forest!

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