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As the COVID-19 had restricted the travelling of people and as India is known for its festivities and rituals. Every family wanted to invite their loved ones to functions but they could not visit personally to invite. PaperdateCo wanted to give the same exciting feeling of opening a physical invite digitally. They wanted a customized user experience to each recipient of the invite.



The goal was to create a web application where the invitations can be created digitally by the consumers and sent as an animation, video or design via email. They can be shared to loved and dear ones without any hassle digitally with customized messages.

Nyx Wolves-Solution


Nyx Wolves helped Paperdateco to build the web application to make a canva-like tool for customers and designers. The platform was built to create a community of designers, who can design and upload invitations on their own. The customers had the ability to choose from the pre-uploaded templates, customize them and preview the animated experience before proceeding to purchase the e-invite. The various dashboards and the customizer layout allowed the users to make the invite as personalized as possible.

Current Status

Current status

The web application is live with more than 800+ design templates and has served more than 1000+ customers happiness in difficult times.

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