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Problems faced

The resort can be booked from various sources and channels on the internet. Western Valley wanted a personalised web application where it can show more about the resort and the services it provides. The other booking apps have limited information about the resort. The resort also wanted a unique brand image for itself. The challenge was also to sync all the mult-channel booking along with the website bookings. There was a huge chunk of cost taken in commission by other channels.



The goal was to create a web application that can list all the rooms available in the resort with synced availability from other booking on other channels. It wanted to facilitate direct booking with payment gateway and allow users to explore more about the resort on the site.

Nyx Wolves-Solution


Nyx Wolves built a booking web application for the Western Valley Resort that acted as a hotel booking application. We provided a wide range of information in the web app which builds the image and informs about the hotel: its history, available attractions, distinctive traits, conference opportunities, restaurant offers, etc. The website was developed in such a way that all the amenities are shown on the website which helps people to book the resort easier.

Current Status

Current Status

The customer bookings have increased online directly due to the online presence of the brand. The direct booking has enabled Western Valley to focus more on direct marketing than and save costs lost in commission.


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