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Tulee is an advanced Learning Management System (LMS) designed to centralize and organize educational content, offer personalized learning experiences, and provide robust tracking and reporting features. Built using the MERN stack and deployed on AWS, Tulee ensures seamless subscription management, easy payment processing, and an intuitive user interface. The platform supports a variety of content formats and adapts to different learner needs, enhancing both web and mobile learning experiences.


Educational institutions and content providers often face challenges in managing and delivering educational content effectively. Key pain points include:

Key Requirements

Our Solution

AWS Deployment: Scalable architecture using AWS EC2 for the backend and S3 for content storage.
Dashboard Views: Separate dashboards for Admin, Student, and Parent, each tailored to their specific needs.
Subscription Management: Integrated with Razorpay for easy payment processing and subscription management.
Tracking and Reporting: Robust analytics to monitor learner progress and performance.
User Interface: Intuitive and engaging user experience.
Content Formats: Supports video tutorials, documents, quizzes, and interactive materials.
Personalized Learning: Adaptive learning algorithms that tailor content and quizzes to individual learners.
Mobile Access: A Flutter-based mobile app for learning on the go, with offline access and push notifications.

Design Process


Tulee has transformed the educational experience by providing a centralized, scalable, and personalized LMS. Key outcomes include:

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Tech Stack

AWS services used

Amazon EC2

To host the dashboard and backend services

Amazon S3

To store media files