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WeeW Foundation is an NGO Trust dedicated to empowering youth and citizens through education and community engagement. The foundation operates under the “We-care” concept, aiming to harness the power of the youth to drive national development. However, WeeW faced significant challenges in digital engagement and community management, which hindered their ability to effectively communicate their mission and manage memberships.


Key Requirements

WeeW Foundation needed a solution that would:

• Create a digital platform for managing memberships and applications.
• Include a custom Content Management System (CMS) to streamline content management.
• Enable online payment processing for membership fees.
• Enhance their digital brand presence to better connect with the community.

Our Solution

Digital Platform Development: Nyx Wolves developed a user-friendly portal for WeeW Foundation to manage memberships and applications. This platform included features to handle member registrations, profiles, and interactions efficiently.

Custom CMS: We built a custom CMS using Laravel, allowing WeeW Foundation to easily update and manage website content. This system ensured that all sections of the site were editable, providing flexibility and control over their digital presence.

Payment Integration: The platform was equipped with a secure payment gateway, enabling seamless online payments for membership fees. This feature streamlined financial transactions and improved the accuracy of membership tracking.

Optimized User Experience: The website was designed for optimal viewing across various devices, ensuring an engaging and accessible user experience for all visitors. Easy navigation and a visually appealing interface helped attract and retain members.

Design Process

The project involved a collaborative effort between UI and UX designers to create an innovative, user-friendly solution. The business and growth team provided ongoing feedback, ensuring the platform met the needs of both learners and mentors. The design emphasized easy navigation and accessibility to accommodate all age groups.

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Current Status

The WeeW Foundation’s web portal is now a dynamic platform that effectively posts necessary content and attracts new members, streamlining the registration and engagement process.

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Tech Stack

AWS services used

Amazon S3

To store the video repository of interviewed and screened candidates, ensuring high availability and durability.

Amazon RDS

To store candidate information and job details in a secure and scalable database.

Amazon EC2

To run the web application and ensure high availability and performance.

Amazon Cloudfront

To distribute the web application to users with low latency and high throughput.

Route 53

Managing the domains

Amazon SES

Send transactional emails reliably and cost-effectively to users for various notifications.

Amazon API Gateway

Create and manage APIs to connect platform components securely and efficiently.

Amazon Lambda

Execute serverless compute tasks for seamless order processing and push notification delivery.