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The German-based dating portal Bozmie is an app-based service that enables its users to meet new people and help find their perfect companion. Along with features like reviewing profiles, browsing photo galleries, and making a favorite list, the app offers much more to its users by connecting to an unlimited number of single users to finally find their perfect match.


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Key Requirements

We were challenged with the task of designing and developing a smooth and brand-new UI/UX that encompassed all of the dating features into a platform that lets its users view, communicate, chat, and video call each other.

Our Solutions

Enhanced Security Measures

The upgraded application was fortified by integrating safety factors such as 2FA, notifications, and other features so that user data and access are secured.

GDPR Compliance

Being GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, it was ensured that PII (Personally Identifiable Information) remained private and secure.

Streamlined User Experience

The application structure was in such a way that users didn’t have to deal with misleading profiles and unwanted content. But, at the same time, ensuring the users are matched with relevant people according to their preferences

Advanced Features Implementation

The much-needed and key features like quick gestures, real-time texting, and video calling features with APIs written in the backend were implemented to give the most in-app experience for the users

Exceeding Expectations

We delivered an app that not only met standards but surpassed expectations and was on par with leading dating sites in the market. With the fusion of basic and advanced features, we created an all-powerful dating app with a touch of passion.

Seamless and Secure Experience

While the amazing app facilities would give users a seamless and enjoyable experience on Bozmie, the highly secure features would make sure the users had a delightful and worry-free dating life as well.

Design Process

This project involved teamwork between UI and UX designers to create an innovative solution. Our business and growth team stayed in constant communication, providing valuable insights throughout the process.

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What Outsiders Thought

Time-consuming. no real connections. no personalization. The ability to connect as one’s true self was missing.

How we Changed the Story

Trustworthy, genuine, bridging the gap between online dating and offline personalities.


We put in our work, and the numbers speak for themselves—with 10,000+ downloads and 80% likely matching, we have helped Bozmie achieve a Monthly Active Users (MAU) of over 5000.

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Tech Stack

Current Status

With over 5000 users on their platform, Bozmie is currently expanding its operations in Germany and is looking to advance its dating game in the future.