Briisk is a late stage InsurTech start-up, founded in 2016. Today they are a team of 23 with a focus on emerging markets. They operate from Cape Town, London, Bangalore, Istanbul, Munich and Nairobi.

It has deep InsurTech and financial services expertise and is passionate about creating innovative digital insurance and distribution solutions – enabling our clients to digitise products at lower cost and scale distribution faster. They help their clients automate processes, digitise and innovate products and explore new distribution channels, thereby reducing cost, increasing revenue and delivering more value for their customers.


Briisk encountered a significant challenge in maintaining focus on their core competencies within the InsurTech platform and their key APIs. The primary issue stemmed from the necessity to tailor their front-end applications to meet the specific needs and industry requirements of each customer.

Dilution of Core Competencies

Constant customization requests diverted Briisk's attention and resources away from their core strengths in the InsurTech platform and key APIs.

Scalability Challenges

The ongoing customization requests not only impeded immediate development but also posed scalability challenges.

Bandwidth Constraints

The continuous need for customization placed strain on Briisk's bandwidth, hindering their ability to focus on strategic advancements and broader innovations within the InsurTech domain.

Resource Intensiveness

Addressing individual front-end application requirements for each customer proved to be resource-intensive, impacting the efficiency of the overall development process.


Our Solutions

Diverse Technology Expertise

Nyx Wolves brought a versatile team with expertise in various technologies, including React.js, Node.js, and Angular. This diverse skill set allowed us to seamlessly integrate and work with Briisk's existing tech stack.

Resource Allocation

Acting as an extended team, Nyx Wolves allocated dedicated resources to work on Briisk's front-end applications.

Agile Methodologies

We adopted Agile methodologies and actively participated in SCRUM calls, fostering a collaborative and iterative development process. This approach facilitated quick adaptation to changing requirements and ensured the timely delivery of results.

End-to-End Support

Nyx Wolves delivered full-spectrum support, guiding Briisk through the entire development lifecycle, from conceptualization to implementation

Design Process

This project involved teamwork between UI and UX designers to create an innovative solution. Our business and growth team stayed in constant communication, providing valuable insights throughout the process.

Insuring the world in an easier way


Briisk.io offers an innovative solution to the insurance industry’s challenges in creating customized insurance products. Their platform is highly configurable, allowing insurers to tailor insurance offerings to individual and family needs. Through automation and digitization, Briisk.io streamlines the product creation process, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Key requirements, including customization, configurability, and compliance, are met to ensure a robust and adaptable system. Agents can efficiently sell policies, and customers can easily browse and select products that suit their requirements. In summary, Briisk.io’s platform marks a significant advancement in the insurance sector, facilitating the creation of tailored insurance products.


In developing our dating app, we harnessed a robust combination of cutting-edge tools and frameworks designed to deliver a seamless and secure user experience.

Current Status

User Base

Bozmie is currently expanding its operations in Germany with more than 5000+ users on their platform.

Ongoing Developments

Continuously iterating on user feedback, the app is in the process of rolling out additional features aimed at enhancing user experience and inclusivity.

Future Prospects

Plans are underway to integrate advanced technologies such as AI and ML for more personalized user experiences.

User Community and Feedback

The app maintains a strong and active online community, with users frequently participating in feedback surveys and community events.

Nyx Wolves has partnered with Briisk for the past three months, significantly easing operational pressures.

Briisk has augmented its resources through various avenues, strengthening the collaboration with Nyx Wolves.

Nyx Wolves is now a trusted technology partner, offering Briisk unwavering support and expertise.

Joint efforts are concentrated on recruiting talent and providing ongoing support for Briisk’s expansion initiatives.