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Tento is an attractive gaming platform that combines knowledge and pleasure through various quizzes and puzzles. And what’s more is that users can win games to earn real money. As the appeal towards money-making gaming is on the rise, and Tento allows its users to compete against other players in real-time to gain rewards and win a cash prize.


Key Requirements

Tento wanted to give their users a fascinating and captivating gaming experience where the players could compete in real-time. A key requirement was to enable players to play 1v1 games by paying or betting.

Our Solution

We delved into the problem to figure out where we could improve the gaming platform. To do this, we began by participating in the games ourselves to get a better understanding of the existing user experience.

Design Process

This project involved teamwork between UI and UX designers to create an innovative solution. Our business and growth team stayed in constant communication, providing valuable insights throughout the process.


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We were able to help Tento successfully draw in users, retain them and build traction. They are currently looking to raise funds for the next level of growth and league.

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