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How to setup CI/CD with GitHub Actions for a React App with AWS EC2?

CI/CD with GitHub Actions

Here’s a tutorial on how to create a simple CI/CD with GitHub Actions for deploying React applications. Getting started GitHub Actions allows you to automate, customise, and execute software development workflows right in your GitHub repository. A workflow is a configurable automated process made up of one or more jobs. You can configure your workflows […]

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Top 5 Future technologies to await in 2022

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Introduction After the pandemic, we don’t want to go out. But, yes, almost everything has changed, and so has technology. Tech companies have already begun using innovative technologies even before we know. So, here is a wrap-up of technologies that you will learn in the meantime for the year 2022. RPA – Robotic Process Automation […]

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How CI/CD Pipelines for Development Businesses Can Survive in a Post-Corona Economy

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If your company is considering moving to continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) style of software development, the first question you may have is if this is a smart idea.  Shifting and training your employees will require time and money, but it’s not always apparent what the benefit will be or when you’ll see any return.  […]

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