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Top 20 Web Application Testing Tools

Introduction While developing any application whether it is a mobile app or a web app, various testing is required in between the development cycle. This ensures that the final product fulfills the purpose of development.   Web Application testing tools and software improve functionality, and reliability and increase the return on investment. Various web app testing […]

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API vs Web Service: Basic Concept and Differences between them

Introduction Web Services & API – both are essential elements of modern-day software development and web app architecture. A few terms overlap while using both & hence, are sometimes considered interchangeable. However, both are different in functioning.  This article would help you to distinguish the difference between a Web Service and an API by comparing […]

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How Can CI/CD Pipeline Increase Your Productivity?

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A Primer on the CI/CD Pipeline and How to Use It To Improve Your Business The CI/CD pipeline programming is one of the processes used in software development to increase productivity. This system can make changes to the code and processes within software development without interruption. It has multiple benefits, such as increased reliability, efficiency, […]

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Count 10 – Offshoring Pain For Enterprises In Europe

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Introduction Offshoring is a definite curious headline. Offshoring is a fun part of a highly popular business process now (Yes, more than bitcoin), where part of the business process relocated to a foreign country. Offshoring has become the trend post-pandemic due to the switch of remote working.  With pleasure comes the pain; there are mistakes […]

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Strategies to Save Costs in Software Dev Beats Peanut Butter On Pancakes

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When you think of cutting expenses for something, the first thing that comes to mind is a do-it-yourself method, but this is impossible to achieve when it comes to software development. (Tee-hee, wait) It isn’t easy to think of a modern business that doesn’t use software. As a result, the need for software creation and […]

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The Payment Gateways Industry Is Changing Fast. Here’s How to Keep Pace

Are you looking for Indian payment gateways? Are you unsure which payment gateways are the best in India? When shopping or conducting business, you may want to incorporate secure payment gateway solutions.  When there are so many possibilities, it can be difficult to choose the finest Indian payment gateway. So, here’s a curated and chosen […]

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